• Stewart Livingstone

21-01-2022 Weeknotes


Focus for this week:

Launch the trial of our new tool to support us track our teams happiness. 🚀

Over the past few months, I've been working on implementing a new tool, called Friday Pulse, at cinch to support our culture and happiness. This week we've launched a 6-week trial, within our Product Engineering department, to understand how colleagues use it and if it helps support us to improve our culture and happiness.

Before implementing the tool, we checked in on our culture and happiness every 3 months, and we found that this wasn't often enough for the rate that we were growing our teams.

When you're taking a business from start up to scale up, you need to be checking in on culture and happiness on a regular basis and being proactive in how you're reacting to the data you get back.

Our measures of success for the trial are:

  • We see an improvement in participation scores, with a target of 80% participation

  • We can easily identify areas for improvement

  • We receive positive feedback from colleagues about the tool

We launched the first set of questions, the Cultural Profile, yesterday at 12pm and within less than 24 hours, we had hit the target of 80% completion. At the time of writing these weeknotes, that's continued to increase to 87%.

Next week, we'll be reviewing the results of the Cultural Profile survey and getting ready to launch the first Happiness KPI survey.

Now that we've got the data in our hands, the hard work begins!

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