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How would you describe the week? โค๏ธ

This week we have been running the Tribe sessions which will take us to the Tribe of Tribe session on Monday where we're hopefully have a new starting point for our Tribe and Squad structure. We know it's not going to be perfect, we know we'll have to iterate but it's good to see that this big bang change is nearing a milestone!

What was good about this week? ๐Ÿ‘

  • Work continuing on the org design

  • Tribe workshops took place this week across all 5 current Tribes to review the parts of the value chain that they currently support and they all came up with a proposal for how things should look in the new world. This will be extremely important when we go into the Tribe of Tribe sessions on Monday to finalise the new Tribe and Squad structures.

  • Supported with the creation of the process and agenda for the Tribe of Tribe sessions ahead of it running on Monday and one of the tough questions was around how we deal with conflict which lead to us creating a light weight decision framework.

  • Collating data to support with decision making on new Tribe and Squad structure, using things like the level of support issues domains currently having to deal with and how things like unplanned work impacts Tribes delivering on the planned roadmaps.

  • I created and briefed the self selection process. Once we have the new structure confirmed we will be asking people to self select the Squads they'd like to be a part of through preferences. This week I've spent time creating this processes and briefing it out to all line managers ahead of confirming the Tribe and Squad structure next week.

  • Delivery progression framework

  • The first session was ran by our very own Rani on getting input from the Delivery Managers on the top skills/behaviours needed from a Delivery Manager. We've still got sessions to run with other roles in the business before we bring together the framework. More of that in the coming weeks!

  • Tribe and Squad reset

  • Meeting with Claire Worswick to discuss the approach to the upcoming Tribe and Squad resets once we have self selection completed.

  • Visualising the work

  • Created a Jira board with a roadmap to help visualise all the upcoming work that's going on and the progress against the work. This helps to keep track of the different workstreams that we're currently working with.

  • I did less with better quality of output

  • After my reflection last week and thanks for Phil Davidson for calling me out on it, I put things in place this week to make sure I wasn't stretching myself too thin like the previous weeks. I said 'not now' to a few things and was able to delegate some of my tasks to other people to pick up.

What could I do better at next week? ๐Ÿ”

  • For next week, I want to give the Tribe of Tribe session on Monday all of my time and energy to supporting as that session is going to determine the new structure.

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